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Premium CHILEE Chili Oil with Avocado Oil

Premium CHILEE Chili Oil with Avocado Oil

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Enjoy the complex tastes of caramelized shallots, smoky spices, and rich umami in every bite. Perfect on any dish and sure to be a hit!

Elevate your favorite dishes with a generous dash of this chili oil. Experience the same sweetness, smokiness, and crunchiness of our Mild, plus a delicious dose of heat!

Our Premium CHILEE Chili Oil is made with avocado oil, noted for its heart-healthy benefits. Rich in oleic acid, Vitamin E, and monounsaturated fat, its consumption has been linked to lowering LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews

Wonderfully delicious! Bought several jars as gifts after first tasting it in person at a holiday market.

Joseph Giannelli


Alayne G.

Premium CHILEE Chili Oil with Avocado Oil

So dang good on Everything!

My friend gave me a jar and I’ve put it on everything each meal since I got it a few days ago: salmon, chicken, eggs…I LOVE this stuff. It has a unique deep char crunch in some bites. Hard to explain why it’s so good but it is. Elevates dishes and my leftovers and makes everything I make seem like I can cook. All I’m doing is adding this oil to it. Love that it’s made using avocado oil. Sooooo delish. And made in my hometown of Chi. Just ordered the two pack of mild and spicy bc I don’t want to run out without more on hand. Hoping spicy isn’t too spicy but I can take more of a kick than the mild.

Matthew Makris
This has been a staple in my pantry for 2 years and counting.

I've tried several chili crisp oils and I keep going back to Chi-Lee. Something about it is completely unique - a "secret ingredient" lurks inside, if you will. We put it on everything - pizza, noodles and one of my favs - peanut butter on toast topped with Chi-Lee oil.

thank you for your continual support! the secret ingredient is... love